Our Terms & Conditions

Terms, Conditions and Facts of Life:

1. Red Handed products are only to be worn by those willing & ready to partake in life altering events daily.
2. You must be of the belief that George Negus even makes an impact while eating his Weetbix.
3. DO NOT get Red Handed confused with Red Headed.
4. You understand the plight of feminists and the outstanding work Jenna Jamison has contributed over the years.
5. A Red Handed tee may only be sacrificed in life saving situations.
6. You must always have at least 3 viable excuses on hand for why you are not attending your Great Aunty's tea party. Generally accepted – hungover, partying, or... the dog ate it.
7. Nostradamus didn't predict the rise of Red Handed Clothing... but thought about it.
8. Jason Bourne was once caught Red Handed... but escaped.
9. Keith Richards once stated 'it is not a fool who gets caught, but a publicity genius'.
10.In years to come, you will embarrass your children by knowing every word of 'Backstreet's Back'.
11.Red Handed shirts may be worn anytime of day or night including (but not preferably) those when you're on the job.
12.Although cost effective, shopping at an op-shop is still conforming.
13.Contrary to popular belief, vampires, even if they are herbivores, do not exist.
14.Shane Warne should be an ambassador for this brand.
15.Hugh Grant knows what it's like to be caught Red Handed.
16.Red is to Handed like sweet is to apples.


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Red Handed only sells online. That means we're open 24/7! You'll also be able to meet us at the ASRL Open 2018!

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